Morrison Mahoney attorneys have been at the forefront of the defense of real estate agents/brokers, home inspectors, and appraisers. We have worked with professional associations in this industry to develop proper practice protocols and contract development to minimize risk. Our attorneys have handled all nature of negligence, breach of contract, and Chapter 93A claims against real estate professionals relating to the legal status of property (zoning, boundary line, occupancy, and title issues) and description of property (failure to identify site conditions, system defects, or other matters potentially affecting market value). Our experience in these areas makes us uniquely adept at defending against consumer protection claims which are often raised in these types of matters. We frequently defend professionals before state licensing boards. Our attorneys are actively involved, pro bono, in local municipal zoning and conservation committees.

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Morrison Mahoney LLP takes more cases to trial than any firm in the Northeast. While not every case should be tried, Morrison Mahoney’s reputation as a trial powerhouse means that its clients have the real option to try a case if a desired settlement cannot be achieved. We focus on the needs of each client and diligently pursue a strategy to gain the desired results.