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Our attorneys submit legal updates, professional articles and newsletters of interest to our clients. Many of our lawyers are called upon to speak at professional events and provide their expertise. We are pleased to share our insights, news items and other information of use to our clients.

Challenges for General Counsel – Buy In from Stakeholders

November 16, 2023|

Unlike most litigators, who are asked to defend specific allegations raised within the bounds of a particular lawsuit or claim, general counsel (whether external or internal) must look beyond a single case and provide a larger strategy to help guide their client over the years. This often requires giving advice [...]

Morrison Mahoney Partner John Knight and Associate Christopher Groves Obtain Low Verdict following a Five-Day Trial in Brockton Superior Court

October 29, 2023|

Morrison Mahoney Partner John Knight and Associate Christopher Groves obtained a very low verdict (substantially less than the original offer) following a five-day trial in the Brockton Superior Court. The plaintiff was rear-ended by our client at a high rate of speed, causing the plaintiff's car to be pushed off [...]

Responding to the Risk of Nuclear Verdicts

October 13, 2023|

Nuclear verdicts are accurately named: they are those verdicts where, for whatever reason, the jury sees fit to punish a company with damages high enough to wipe it out, or at least severely handicap its operations. These are unfortunately becoming more common across the country in product liability actions, and [...]

CT Law Update Newsletter – September 2023

September 29, 2023|

Arbitration Agreements – Premises Liability Authored by: Justin R. BengtsonBrownstone Exploration & Discovery Park v. Diane Borodkin, 220 Conn. App. 806 (2023). Brownstone owned and operated a 27-acre park with zip lines, a waterslide, rock climbing activities, cliff jumping, and inflatables.  As a condition of entering the park, Brownstone’s patrons [...]

CT Property and Casualty Insurance Law Newsletter – September 2023

September 29, 2023|

Superior Court – Underinsured Motorist Benefits – Liability Coverage Limits In Papantonakis et al v. Vega et al, defendant Geico General Insurance Company (“Geico”) insured the plaintiffs’ vehicle for Underinsured Motorist (“UIM”) coverage with limits of $25,000 / $50,000 per person / accident.  Three individuals claimed personal injuries after a [...]

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