Manchester Partner Ralph Suozzo and Associate Linda Smith recently prevailed on a Motion for Summary Judgment on behalf of their defendant client.  Plaintiff brought suit against our client (plaintiff’s murdered wife’s childhood friend) and the co-defendant (the victim’s sister)  for defamation and intentional infliction of emotional distress based upon comments each made to online articles about the unsolved murder’s two year anniversary.   Ralph and Linda were successful in persuading the court that 1) the plaintiff could not demonstrate as a matter of law that the comment was so extreme and outrageous as to warrant liability for IIED and 2) that the statement was true, i.e., the murdered victim did indeed tell our client of specific instances of abuse she suffered at the hands of her husband.  As a parting gift to the plaintiff, the presiding judge took the time to outline some of our client’s specific allegations of abuse with ugly details included, in her published written decision.