Morrison Mahoney Partner Adam Mordecai recently secured a directed verdict in favor of his client after day two of a trial in the Merrimack County Superior Court.

The case arose out of a two-vehicle motor accident in Concord, New Hampshire. Plaintiff suffered a clavicle fracture while a passenger in a car being driven by her husband, who was a co-defendant in the case, alleged to have sustained ongoing and permanent shoulder injuries as a result of the crash.

Plaintiff alleged that her husband was at fault for taking a left turn across traffic and that our client, the operator of the second car, was also to blame for failing to keep a proper lookout and/or for making a lane change prior to impact, an allegation which our client denied. All parties testified during the plaintiff’s case-in-chief, and the plaintiff called several first responders and a medical expert as witnesses.  After the plaintiff rested her case, the judge granted our motion for a directed verdict and dismissed our client from the case. At the conclusion of the case, the jury entered a defense verdict for the plaintiff’s husband, the remaining defendant.