Morrison Mahoney Partner Adam Mordecai recently secured a defense verdict following a trial in the Hillsborough County Superior Court, Northern District in New Hampshire. The case involved two motor vehicle accidents that occurred roughly two months apart and which had been consolidated for discovery and trial on the theory that they caused indivisible injuries to the plaintiff.  Adam represented the driver of the other vehicle involved in the first of these two accidents, which was a two-vehicle collision on Route 93.  During trial, the plaintiff claimed that this first accident caused an aggravation or an exacerbation of pre-existing shoulder and lower back issues and she alleged that that she was substantially disabled for a considerable period of time due to this accident. While the plaintiff also argued that the second accident caused some other physical injuries, the court granted a directed verdict to the driver of the vehicle in that second accident based upon a lack of evidence supporting the damage claims specific to that collision. The plaintiff’s medical history was somewhat complicated as she had been involved in at least two other prior accidents, both of which resulted in litigation and one of which led plaintiff to apply for disability.

Our client denied liability for the accident. After a relatively short deliberation, the jury found that the plaintiff had failed to sustain his burden of proving that this remaining defendant was at fault and entered a defense verdict.