Morrison Mahoney’s New Associate Education class of 2015/2016 recently concluded its year-long training program with its graduation mock trial in Suffolk Superior Court. The primary goal of the trial is to be authentic so that the new associates will experience the nerves and excitement of trying their first jury case. The goal was met through the efforts of our judge, clerk, witnesses, and jury. First, we had a real judge preside over the trial. Second, we had an all-star cast of witnesses who knew their parts with precision and made the testimony ring true. Third, we had ten jurors who were willing to dedicate hours to serve as our jury. Fourth, our trial attorneys in this year’s class were poised, professional, and prepared. Finally, Clerk Gary Harvey instilled fear in all who stepped into the well of the court. A special thanks to Gary who retired from the firm at the end of May and has done an incredible job making the New Associate Education Program and Mock Trial second to none as an internal firm educational program. We hope that he will return in senior status and make future reappearances at our mock trials.