Boston Associate Chris Davidson secured a dismissal of a criminal complaint charging a commercial truck driver with negligent motor vehicle homicide. The decedent was struck by a vehicle while walking along a dark road at night. The insured driver of the truck was in the area at the time but denied any knowledge of striking a pedestrian. The Commonwealth offered the driver’s admission that he hit something where the incident occurred and close in time to the accident. The Commonwealth also offered physical evidence to prove that the driver had made contact with the decedent. Through his cross-examination of the Commonwealth’s crash reconstruction expert, Chris secured concessions as to evidence not being consistent with the truck being at the scene. He also forced the expert to admit that the evidence did not suggest that the driver was negligent if in fact the insured truck was involved in the accident. After he initially secured a dismissal at a magistrate’s hearing, Chris defended the client a second time when the Commonwealth appealed to a district court judge and obtained the same result.

Chris was also recently involved in defending a commercial bus driver who struck a bridge with thirty-five students on it, all of whom suffered injury when the roof caved in. In that case Chris defended the insured at trial and got an acquittal.