Morrison Mahoney Of Counsel Jackie Welch recently obtained a judgment on behalf of an attorney in a legal malpractice action following a District Court trial. The plaintiff, an unsatisfied divorce litigant, sought recovery for legal malpractice and G.L. c. 93A damages allegedly resulting from an unfavorable judgment. The plaintiff proceeded to trial, where Jackie presented evidence that not only did our attorney client meet with the standard of care in the underlying divorce action, she actually obtained favorable results for the plaintiff by invalidating pre- and post-nuptial contracts with the plaintiff’s former spouse and successfully defeating plaintiff’s former spouse’s attempt to refute the existence of the marriage itself.

Ultimately, Jackie convinced the court that while the plaintiff may have been dissatisfied with the terms of her judgment of divorce, she offered neither evidence that our attorney client breached the standard of care, nor that she would have obtained a better result but for the alleged malpractice of our attorney client. Partner Mike Hayden assisted with defense strategy and responding to at least four Chapter 93A demand letters.