Morrison Mahoney partner Lori Vaulding recently obtained a defense verdict on behalf of her client, a plastic surgeon, after a five-day jury trial in Essex Superior Court.  Plaintiff underwent a neck lift and a chemical peel on her eyes, neck and chest.  The client used 40% TCA (trichloroacetic acid) to perform the chemical peel.  Plaintiff developed a scar on her chest and her expert opined that the 40% TCA was too high of a concentration for the chest, causing the scar.  The defense expert testified that 40% TCA was within the standard of care, and the Plaintiff went in the sun after the chemical peel, had subsequent laser treatments, subsequent plastic surgery and there were suggestions she itched the area, all which could have contributed and/or caused the scar.  Plaintiff also testified at her deposition that her bathing suits have turtlenecks due to the embarrassment from the scar, however, Instagram revealed otherwise.  The jury found no negligence.