Morrison Mahoney Partner Joanne Gulliford Hoban recently obtained a defense verdict after a 7 day medical malpractice trial in Worcester Superior Court. Plaintiff alleged improper management of a 6-year-old patient with hemolytic uremic syndrome (from e-coli infection) in the pediatric intensive care unit. Unfortunately, the young boy did not survive. Plaintiff alleged consultations obtained by the intensivist prior to the surgical procedure demonstrated the patient’s significant intravascular volume depletion and that fluids and volume should have been administered prior to the administration of anesthesia. Plaintiff presented a pediatric anesthesiologist who offered opinions against the pediatric intensivist and pediatric anesthesiology co-defendants.

The defendants presented experts in pediatric critical care, pediatric anesthesiology and pediatric nephrology. Each expert discussed the serious and complicated nature of hemolytic uremic syndrome and the challenges in managing the volume status in these patients. The experts also focused on the overall deterioration of the patient’s condition, requiring his transfer to the pediatric intensive care unit for closer monitoring.

The jury returned a verdict for all defendants after approximately 3 hours of deliberations. Morrison Mahoney Associate Lindsey Hanson Campbell worked on the case throughout and was invaluable in coordinating expert reviews, assisting in witness preparation and drafting trial pleadings.