Verdict: 2014-24:  Boston Partner John Knight and Associate Chris Davidson obtained a not guilty verdict in a defending a bus driver arising out of an accident along Soldier’s Field Road in Brighton. In a case that received substantial media coverage, the bus struck a bridge while the driver was leaving the Boston Area to drive back to Philadelphia with a group of high school students who had toured Harvard University. 35 people were on the bus and there were numerous serious injuries, including one passenger who was paralyzed as a result of the accident. The driver was charged with negligent operation of the bus for failing to heed 4 signs which warned of low clearance at the point where the driver entered Soldier’s Field Road and a low-clearance sign at the bridge which he struck. The defense argued that the signs were not clearly visible such that it was not unreasonable for the driver to have failed to have seen them. The jury returned a not-guilty verdict after 20 minutes of deliberation.