Morrison Mahoney Partner John Knight and Associate Christopher Groves obtained a very low verdict (substantially less than the original offer) following a five-day trial in the Brockton Superior Court.

The plaintiff was rear-ended by our client at a high rate of speed, causing the plaintiff’s car to be pushed off the road into a tree and resulting in substantial property damage to the plaintiff and defendant vehicles. The plaintiff was taken by ambulance to the hospital and pursued extensive medical treatment over the next 4 years. Her primary complaints included cervical disc injuries which resulted in cervical fusion surgery, post-concussive syndrome and significant issues with anxiety and panic attacks.

The plaintiff submitted medical bills totaling $115,000.00 and made a claim for lost wages of approximately $60,000.00 because she did not work for 3 ½ years after the accident. At the time of trial, the plaintiff was continuing to complain of neck problems, and she submitted expert testimony that she would require a second neck surgery in the future. The plaintiff asked the jury to award damages in the amount of $1.1 million in closing arguments. The defendants stipulated to legal liability for the accident and only contested damages, claiming that the majority of the plaintiff’s physical and psychological problems were attributable to pre-existing conditions. The jury returned a verdict of $40,000.00.