Boston Partner Gareth Notis prevailed on appeal when the Massachusetts Appeals Court recently affirmed a superior court order granting summary judgment on a matter involving age and disability discrimination brought by two employees against their employer and their direct supervisor.

The plaintiffs alleged that their work conditions and assignments were downgraded after they refused to accept an offer of early retirement. They also alleged their requests for accommodations for disabilities were improperly addressed by the defendant and, moreover, that they were retaliated against after complaining about discrimination and requesting accommodations for their disabilities. Lastly, the plaintiffs contended that they were subjected to a hostile work environment based upon their age and disabilities. The Massachusetts Appeals Court affirmed the summary judgment order ruling that the defendants had legitimate, non-discriminatory reasons for the adverse employment actions; the defendants fulfilled their duty to hold an interactive conference and reasonably accommodated the plaintiffs; and there was no causal connection between complaints of discrimination and reprimands given to the plaintiffs to support a claim of retaliation.