Doug Price and Bridget Lopez recently obtained a defense verdict following a week long jury trial in Norfolk Superior Court from a suit stemming from a 2013 accident in which our client rear-ended the plaintiff. Plaintiff claimed injuries to her neck and traumatic brain injury, which included symptoms of headaches, fatigue, imbalance, photosensitivity, word retrieval problems, and memory problems which persisted for a number of years following the accident.

Doug and Bridget defended the case with the use of a neurologist expert who opined that the plaintiff did not meet the criteria for a concussion immediately following the accident, and suffered no brain injury as a result.  Plaintiff’s neuropsychologist expert did not stand up to muster on cross examination, admitting favorable facts and that his opinions were not based on his discipline.  Notwithstanding the strong defenses on damages, the case was ultimately decided on liability.  The defense argued that plaintiff had already completed her merge, and then abruptly stopped for no reason, causing the accident.  After deliberating for approximately 4 hours, the jury found the defendant not negligent.

Doug and Bridget would like to dedicate this defense verdict to their friend and former colleague, Brian P. Morrissey (1985-2018).