Morrison Mahoney Associate Bridget Lopez recently obtained a defense verdict following a three day trial in Suffolk Superior Court involving a motorcycle versus motor vehicle accident. The plaintiff alleged he was injured when the defendant’s SUV ran a stop sign and took a left turn directly in front of the plaintiff’s motorcycle, propelling the plaintiff over the top of the SUV and face first into the pavement 20 feet away.  The defendant adamantly disputed that the accident happened this way.  The defendant testified that after he had completed his left turn and was traveling straight, the plaintiff’s motorcycle, traveling at a high rate of speed, swerved across the double yellow lines and sideswiped the defendant’s vehicle.  This was consistent with scrape marks on the defendant’s vehicle.  The defense further offered evidence that the plaintiff had been drinking and that he had reported to several post-accident medical providers that he thought someone was shooting at him and swerved into a car.  The plaintiff was hospitalized for several days and incurred approximately $40,000 in medical expenses for treatment of facial and tooth fractures as well as internal injuries.  After deliberating for approximately 1 hour, the jury returned a verdict with a finding of no negligence.