As 2017 comes to a close, Morrison Mahoney LLP bids farewell, adieu, and good luck to two partners retiring at the end of the year, Cheryl Enright and Peter Knight.

Cheryl Enright

Cheryl joined Morrison Mahoney in 1990. She was a graduate of Suffolk Law School and Emmanuel College. Cheryl entered the law after a successful career as a foreign language teacher (both French and Spanish). Cheryl was well prepared for her first career having received her M.A. in Contemporary French Literature and Language from the Universite De Paris, Sorbonne (Paris, France) and graduating 4th in her class from the Institut Phonetique (Paris, France).

Cheryl was drawn to trial work, trying and winning her first case after just a few years at Morrison Mahoney. In 1998, Cheryl was voted as a partner. While Cheryl could endear herself to any jury, she is an especially talented negotiator, applying her street smarts and judgment to a variety of matters from asbestos to employment discrimination. Cheryl was always willing to accept new challenges, offering to assist colleagues with whatever client could benefit from her expertise.

Cheryl has played an important role in the firm’s growth, becoming a co-chair of the hiring committee in 2000 and serving in that role until the very end of her career here. Cheryl is the longest serving member of that committee in modern time. In that position, most lawyers hired for our Boston office for the last 18 years interacted with Cheryl in some fashion, and usually it was an interview. We all owe Cheryl our gratitude for creating a positive experience for our prospective hires, many of whom remain part of this firm’s strong future.

Peter Knight

Peter joined Morrison Mahoney in 1979 after serving as an Assistant DA in Middlesex and was fast-tracked to being a partner in 1982. Peter was chiefly responsible for establishing and growing Morrison Mahoney’s reputation as a pre-eminent litigation firm. Peter was at the very top of anyone’s list of Super Lawyers before such lists existed. Peter has taken well over 200 cases to verdict in his career, most of them not just wins, but significant wins. As a result of changes in our profession, the bar will likely not see many attorneys in civil litigation retire with a track record like Peter’s.

Retired Superior Court Judge Bonnie MacLeod had this to say about Peter when she learned of his retirement: “The first time I had the pleasure of having Peter in my courtroom, my clerk had advised me beforehand that ‘Attorney Knight is a movie director’s dream of how a trial lawyer looks and acts.’ I found that she was right on both counts. Most importantly, Peter’s demeanor and performance in and out of the courtroom was never an act! A wonderfully skilled trial lawyer, he unfailingly exemplified the essence of civility and professionalism. Never critical or dismissive of a lawyer of lesser ability or experience, always courteous and dignified, he has served as an example of the very best the Bar has to offer.”

Morrison Mahoney wishes Cheryl and Peter the most lengthy and enjoyable of retirements. After decades of hard work, mentoring of younger talent, and bringing peace of mind to so many clients in the midst of challenging cases, you deserve many years of peace and health.