Morrison Mahoney’s Aviation Practice Group attorneys possess years of professional and personal experience in the aviation industry. The group’s practice includes representation of aircraft manufacturers, aviation component manufacturers, and major commercial airlines and their insurers for claims brought and involving a variety of federal statues, regulations, and international treaties. These include, but are not limited to the Federal Aviation Act, the Air Carrier Access Act, the Aviation Medical Assistance Act, the Warsaw Convention, the IATA Agreements, the Airline Deregulation Act, the General Aviation Revitalization Act, the Tokyo Convention, the Hague Protocol, the Federal Tort Claims Act, the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act, the Air Transportation Safety and System Stabilization Act, Americans with Disabilities Act, the various Federal Civil Rights Acts, the Aircraft Safety Act of 2000, and the Death on the High Seas Act. We have experience in all aspects of aviation insurance, accident investigation, financing and lease agreements, product liability matters, employment agreements, and disputes.

A hallmark of the firm’s Aviation Practice Group is its extensive trial and appellate experience. The group, and the firm as a whole, have a reputation for trying the most difficult and complex matters and producing favorable jury verdicts and resolutions. This extensive litigation and trial experience allows us to provide aggressive and thorough representation of aviation-related clients in personal injury, aircraft accident and damage claims, unfair competition, unfair and deceptive practices, false advertising, airport access, airport and aircraft security, noise regulation claims, discrimination claims, employment disputes, product liability matters, and other issues at the regulatory, trial, and appellate level. Attorneys in our Aviation Practice Group have handled cases before the United States Supreme Court, the First Circuit Court of Appeals, the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts, and the Massachusetts Appeals Court as well as the trial and appellate courts of many other state and federal jurisdictions.

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