Morrison Mahoney partner Douglas Price and associate Stephen Ryan recently obtained a favorable verdict after a weeklong jury trial in Middlesex Superior Court. 

The plaintiff in this case claimed that she was operating her vehicle on the highway when the vehicle in front of her changed lanes abruptly, revealing a stopped car. Plaintiff alleged that she stopped just prior to impacting the stopped vehicle but was then contacted from the rear by the defendant and pushed into the stopped vehicle. The front vehicle fled the scene and was never identified.

Damages were substantially contested at trial. As a result of the crash plaintiff alleged a traumatic brain injury, neck pain, and increased frequency and severity of migraine headaches. Her primary orthopedic injury, however, was an alleged aggravation of a pre-existing disc condition in her lumbar spine. This formed the basis for most of the plaintiff’s medical bills and treatment. With the help of a neurologist expert we were able to highlight the questionable nature of each of plaintiff’s alleged injuries.

The jury found for the plaintiff, but returned an extremely small verdict, well below the medical specials and the verdict suggested to the jury by plaintiff’s counsel. We have filed a motion to amend the judgment to reduce it to next to nothing based on available offsets.