Morrison Mahoney Partner Douglas Price and Associate Alexandra Gordon, with research assistance from Associate Brian Morrissey, won a defense verdict after a week-long trial in Middlesex Superior Court.

The case stemmed from a December 2007 motor vehicle accident. As a result of the accident, plaintiff claims to have suffered a concussion, vestibular injury, and an exacerbations of her pre-existing cervical spondylosis condition. She alleged that these injuries in turn caused her to suffer multiple falls, including one substantial fall in October 2008 in which she suffered a concussion, broke her neck, broke her arm and thumb, and suffered a shoulder injury. These injuries required multiple surgeries and an extended hospital admission. The defense presented the testimony of a neurologist, an otoneurologist, and a biomechanical expert, each of whom testified that the plaintiff simply could not have suffered the alleged injuries given the forces involved in the accident and the lack of objective evidence in the medical records to support the injuries. After deliberation, the jury found that the defendant was not negligent.