Morrison Mahoney Associate Brian Suslak obtained a defense verdict in a jury trial at the Boston Municipal Court, Central Division.  Liability on the part of our client was admitted prior to trial, so the only issue for the jury was the plaintiff’s alleged damages.  The plaintiff treated at the emergency room on the date of the accident, complaining of a headache and leg pain, but did not allege any neck or back pain.  Three days later, however, she began over 3 months of chiropractic treatment, during which time she incurred nearly $4,500 in chiropractic bills (this made up nearly all of her claimed medical expenses).  The plaintiff also made a lost wage claim at trial, after previously denying that she missed any time from work.  She was impeached with her answers to interrogatories at trial, which stated that she did not miss any time from work nor lose any wages as a result of the accident.  The plaintiff’s settlement demand was $50,000 (our insured’s policy limits), and the jury ultimately awarded her just over $2,000.